How It Works

Here's how you earn Referral Rewards:

  • Refer a friend and get up to a $75 Visa Gift Card* per friend that switches to TWC.
  • Then, if your friend who switches refers their friends to switch to TWC service, you'll receive an addtional $10 Visa Gift Card.
  • It doesn't stop there...each time your friends friends make a referral, you'll receive an addtional $5 Visa Gift Card.

*Gift Card amounts are based on which products your friends purchase. See below for more detail. Referral Rewards are based on each referral that subscribes to a Time Warner Cable package for a minimum of 90 days.
Referral Rewards
Earn Cash Back and Pass on the Rewards!

*Here's an example of how much you can get if you refer 5 friends that purchased a triple play ($75 Gift Card), your friends refer 5 friends each, and their friends refer 5 friends each:
  • Level 1 5 x $75= $375
  • +
  • Level 2 25 x $10 = $250
  • +
  • Level 3 125 x $5 = $625
  • Total Referral Rewards = $1,250!

Receive the following gift cards for:
Triple Plays - $75 Visa Gift Card.
Double Plays - $50 Visa Gift Card.
Single Plays - $25
Visa Gift Card.